10 Amazing and Crazy Kitchen Gift Ideas for Mom

Are you think about to give a surprise to your wife or mother or any loving lady like an aunt, friend or colleague who maintains the kitchen and loves to cook! I am sure those items will definitely catch the attention of them.10 amazing and crazy kitchen Gift ideas for mom and her.

1. Spadle

Spadle is an amazing item for kitchen effort. It can perform like a spoon as well also a ladle. When need to take soup or curry, you can use it as a spoon, But when you need to scrap on cooking pan just twist to make it a ladle.


  • Ultimate head-turner
  • No taste goes to waste
  • A clean break

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2. Holey Spadle

Holey Spadle is the lovely Spoon that comes with a slotted feature. You can use it for serving noodles or pasta. It is safe to use non-stick cookware and heat resistant to 205°C.Holey.


  • Serving perfection from peas to pasta
  • One head. Many faces
  • Ahead of the curve

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3. Teafu

When you think about to make tea very fastly then the Teafu will help to do the work. Just open it, take tea, keep the water and press, ready to drink. And after finishing, it also allows you to squeeze out the water without out drip.


  • Perfectly ergonomic
  • Eliminate mess
  • Use your favorite tea

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4. Clongs

Clongs is the 12-Inch tongs with click lock open and click close system. This is like a retractable ‘clicky’ pen, push to open and again push to lock after finishing work.


  • Click to open. Click to lock
  • Designed to grip, not scratch
  • Strong arms for delicate precision

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5. Vebo

The silicone made vebo is a cooking basket and vegetable steamer. You can use it for vegetable wash or boil vegetables within it. This is flexible to fit any type of pot.


  • Boil, steam, strain
  • Get out of hot water
  • Simple storage

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6. Levoons

Levoons is a set of a unique measuring spoon. You can measure ingredients with those spoons very accurately. Just take any amount and squeeze together to scrape off excess ingredients. 4 measuring spoons with varieties colors are all together in one set.


  • Levels to accurately measure.
  • Space-saving nesting.
  • Easy to read measurements.

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7. Savel

Are you thinking about a storage that can safe a cut piece of lemon, lime or avocado? This is Savel which helps to keep them fresh up to 1 week.


  • As fresh as it gets.
  • Saves a little or a lot.
  • Cover whatever you cut.

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8. Garject

Garject is the world’s best garlic press tool. You can do this without peel firstly as a garbage store in the separate site of the gadget. This is one of my favorite kitchen items.


  • Give Garject some skin.
  • Pop goes the peel.
  • Easy peasy garlic squeezy.

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9. Scizza

Scizza is the pizza cutter. It can perfectly slice pizza without scratching pans. And the 205-degree heat resistant with nylon base pizza cutter can also serve the slice for a guest by transferring pieces to plate.


  • A cut above.
  • Blades of glory.
  • Never a dull moment.

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10. Smood

Smood is the world’s best potato masher. Just trap potato, pumpkin or baby food like banana, press on it and get the mashed item within a moment. Also, the 260°C heat-resistant silicone scraper helps easily clean the jar.


  • Smooth mash in seconds.
  • Unique spring design.
  • Silicone scraper.

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