Best 5 Cloth Diapers Review and Buying Guide for Beginners

If you have a newborn you may be concerned about choosing baby products for the loving one. And when it comes to diapering there are a lot of diaper brands in markets and have many categories. You would be confused to pick the best one or perfect for your baby. We researched and make a cloth diaper buying guide with reviews of several diapers. And this will save a lot of time and get a clear idea about cloth diapers for beginners and buy from markets or the online world.

Comparison Table: Best 5 Cloth Diaper Brands

PictureName Type Price Rating

Mama Koala Baby Washable 6 Pack with 6 Microfiber Inserts

One SizePocket Cloth Diapers


Rumparooz Cloth Diaper

One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper


ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers with 12 Inserts

Cloth Pocket Diaper4.4

bumGenius Freetime Snap Closure Diaper

All in one Cloth Diaper4.44

Nora’s Nursery Unisex Cloth Diapers 7 Pack, 7 Bamboo Inserts, 1 Wet Bag

Pocket Diaper


Best and 5 Awesome Cloth Diapers Reviews:

Cloth diapers can make less work than they seem. Thinking about switching from disposables to cloth diapers for your little one? And are you concern about less expense for the diapering system? Let’s have a look at the best cloth diapers reviews (recommended by thousands of mothers) that can give you a quick solution to choose the best one rather than searching and spend a ton of time to surf the internet.

Best Prefold Cloth Diaper:

OsoCozy – Prefolds Cloth Diapers

osocozy-prefolds-unbleached-cloth-diapers Check the Latest Price on Amazon

The softest, most absorbent and durable natural pre-fold diapers for babies come from OsoCozy. Now they placed best-selling pre-fold cloth diapers in the online market. The 6 pieces pre-fold are in one pack which are fitted for 15-30 lbs baby and used with a diaper cover or as inserts in pocket diapers.

The rectangular-shaped OsoCozy Prefold is sewn together of several layers of fabrics. These diapers are super soft and strong. These diapers are very versatile. When those are not used for infant parents can use as rag polishing, burp cloths, and other chores at home.


  • Affordable.
  • Different sizes are available.
  • Suitable for the newborn baby because of their unusual body shapes.


  • Bulky

Best Pocket Diapers:

1.Rumparooz : Diaper Cover

rumparooz-diaper-cover Check the Latest Price on Amazon

The Rumparooz cover is a one-size diaper with four rows of three torso snaps that allow the diaper to adjust between four sizes which are extra small, small, medium, and large. These pocket diapers are made of waterproof and biodegradable TPU and they can be fitted with 6 lbs to 35+ lbs baby.

On the other hand, this diaper cover also comes with a newborn size. If your baby does not fit into the larger size right away newborn diaper cover can fit at 4 to approximately 15 pounds baby. Waterproof polyester TPU with varieties of colors and fashionable prints are used in the Rumparooz Newborn Cloth Diaper

Waterproof polyester TPU with varieties of colors and fashionable prints are used in the Rumparooz Newborn Cloth Diaper Covers. This Newborn Cloth Diaper Cover is designed by featuring 3 adjustable size settings for preemie and newborn. You can use Pre-folds, Lay-in Soakers, Fitteds or these disposable inserts for both diaper cover.


  • Leak proof
  • Colorful
  • Has the option to choose from two variations (Newborn Diaper Cover, One Size Diaper Cover )


  • Inserts have to buy separately

2.BumGenius 4.0: Pocket Diaper

bumgenius Check the Latest Price on Amazon

BumGenius is a funny name but is one of the popular brand names to parents. BumGenius 4.0: Pocket Diaper is a simple designed cloth diaper and easy as disposable diapers. The One-size cloth diaper comes with a small and lightweight insert for newborns and a larger one-size insert for growing baby. The slandered size of this diaper makes fit with

The One-size cloth diaper comes with a small and lightweight insert for newborns and a larger one-size insert for growing baby. The standard size of this diaper makes fit with a newborn (7 pounds) to a growing (35+ pounds) baby. The Snap Closure diaper allows you to easily adjust the size of the diaper as your baby grows. You need no more sorting diaper by size also allows you to leave carrying from multiple diapers when you visit somewhere.

The waterproof outer fabrics of the diaper are super stretchy, comfortable and keeps baby protected from moisture. If you are looking for a high-quality pocket diaper and last longer it is worth the money to invest in a durable BumGenius Pocket Diaper. And here is the BumGenius Freetime All in one cloth diaper


  • Gentle leg elastic won’t hurt baby’s skin
  • Very durable construction and pretty look
  • Pocket is wide enough to place the inserts
  • The outer cover is leak-proof
  • have adjustable snaps and allow to fit for 7-35lbs babies


  • May lose waterproofing after several years of use
  • The branded tags attached to the outside of the diaper makes odd looking

Best All-In-One Cloth Diaper:

Alva Baby : Pocket and all-in-one sized diaper

alva-baby_pocket-and-all-in-one-size-diaper Check the Latest Price on Amazon

Alva Baby, another most popular cloth diaper brand name. The 6pcs Pack Pocket and all-in-one sized diaper of Alva baby is very comfortable, reasonable and pretty look with verities of color. These diapers set come with 6 pieces of diapers and 12 piece microfiber inserts for strong absorbency. The waterproof and breathable diapers are machine washable and adjustable (It can be small, middle and large size.) for more than one row of snaps on the outside of the diaper. These diapers can be fitted with 6 Pounds to 33 Pounds baby. It is also suggested to wash diaper cover and the insert separately with adding a little salt. And also

The waterproof and breathable diapers are machine washable and adjustable (It can be small, middle and large size.) for more than one row of snaps on the outside of the diaper. These diapers will be fitted with 6 Pounds to 33 Pounds baby. It is also suggested to wash diaper cover and the insert separately by adding a little salt. And also

It is also suggested to wash the diaper cover and the insert separately with adding a little salt. The Alva Baby 6pcs Pack Cloth Diaper colors are gender-neutral thus it will be fit your baby boy or girl.


  • Waterproof and adjustable size
  • Strong absorbent material with breathability
  • Washable and attractive for outside’s colorful snaps.
  • More than one rows of snap allow well-fitting
  • Microfiber insert has been used for this diaper


  • Some users like to argue that Chinese diapers are not safe.
  • Inserts are made from microfiber. so should not be placed against baby’s skin directly

Best Hybrid Diaper:

GroVia: Hybrid Pocket Diaper/Shell


Check the Latest Price on Amazon

As hybrid diapers are combination of cloth and disposable diapers, GroVia hybrid diapers are innovative in the diaper world. Those diapers can be used with pre-fold cloth diapers or inserts and also can be used with this eco-friendly disposable GroVia’s BioSoakers pad.

This hybrid diapers place the position in the mother’s heart because of not only everyday use but also supportive diapers during travel (you can simply throw the soiled insert without worry during travel).

The Waterproof TPU outer layered diaper comes in both hook and loops or snaps closures. And If you want to see a happy look of your baby boy this GroVia loop closure hybrid diapers would be a great solution.


  • Can be used in traveling without worry with the hybrid cloth diapers
  • Variety of pretty colors and patterns
  • Eco-friendly, thus less waste in landfills
  • Less diaper rash
  • Inserts and covers are separate, so, it takes less time to dry


  • Does not come with inserts

Benefits of cloth diapers for babies –

Economical: You can save a huge amount of money by using baby cloth diapers rather than disposable diapers. The Initial large upfront cost of cloth diapers can be spread out by continuous use. And for any new sibling or your next bundle of joy (the baby), you can keep them for further use.

Healthier: Using cloth diaper have no diaper rashes. But it has more chance of using disposable diapers.

Environmental: Those diapers are much better than disposable because of environmentally friendly. The components (chlorine, polyacrylate, and other chemicals) of disposable diapers are not ecological and also not good for baby’s skins.

Attractive: Cloth diapers are cute and pretty look thus place a decent position in the modern age. Those are come with good designs and varieties of colors to fit with the baby’s body, thus the baby feels comfortable and happy.

Types of cloth diapers :

  • Flat cloth diaper: The old fashioned simple diapers, which can be foldable and consist of single-layered fabric with the same flat-cloth-diaperthickness overall as the cloth. Your grandmother would suggest to you about these types of diapers for your baby.
  • Pre-fold cloth diaper: Those types of diapers are a little smaller than the flat diaper and already folded. Multiple layers of fabrics exist in these types of nappies. prefold-cloth-diaperThe pre-fold is the kind of cloth diaper very easy to clean and dry. And better absorption power than the flat diaper. They are also used as inserts in diaper cover and need to be folded to fit in a cover.
  • Pocket cloth diaper: The pretty look pocket cloth diaper has two layers.pocket-cloth-diaper The outside is waterproof and the inside has a part to place inserts or external absorbency pad to the pocket diaper. It has very good absorbance power because of insides inserts. And during night time you can control absorbency power by using 1-2 pads in the pocket of your baby’s diaper.
  • All-In-One cloth diaper: All-In-One cloth diaper comes closest to disposables in terms of easy of use.all-in-one-cloth-diaper Those are the same as pocket diapers. The key difference is they are single (the waterproof layer, the absorbent layer, and the layer against the skin are all sewn together in one diaper). All-in-one cloth diapers are costly but very effective in diapering solution. They can be a great solution for daycare providers to use.
  • Swim cloth diaper: Swim cloth diaper consists of a waterproof cover and light mesh type liner on the inside. swim-cloth-diaperThe main function of this diaper is to hold poop solid. Swim diapers are used when your little baby is playing in the water (like pond or beach). They are used to deal with baby’s poop.
  • Hybrid /All-in-Two cloth diaper: Hybrid cloth diapers consist of two layers (de touchable inserts and outer waterproof cover).hybrid-cloth-diaper They are slim in fitting, easily customize wetted inserts at night time or travel time. And this is called hybrid because the inserts can be reusable or have the option of disposable inserts as the mother’s choice.

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What to look for when choosing cloth diapers:

Flat and prefold diapers are most suited to newborns due to their unusual body shape.
One-Size Cloth Diapers fit most babies from 8 to 35+ pounds. That means they will be fitted your baby from a few months after birth to potty training. And do not have to worry about size because of the adjustable diapering system.
For sized cloth diaper you will need to choose the size that is appropriate for your baby’s figure. Sized diapers tend to have a really great trim fit than the one-size diaper. They are designed to fit for 1 age/size range and less expensive than one-size cloth diapers.

What I need accessories for using cloth diapers:

Some essentials for the baby diapering system can be catalysts to do work easily, shortly and help to lead healthy babies.

Disposable or Cloth Wipes: Disposable wipes are widely available. Now flushable and biodegradable versions are available on the market. You can use these disposable wipes also.

Cloth Wipes are cloth forms of disposable wipes. Washcloths and baby clothes can also be used. You can wet any clothes with warm water or a homemade mixture.

Diaper Pail: You need a diaper pail, pail liner, or large wet bag to store dirty diapers before washing. A diaper pail will not only store your dirty cloth diapers but also help prevent them from starting to stink as well. You can also use the common trash jar for dirty diapers if you think a diaper pail is an extra expense. There are many varieties of sizes and shapes that exist in the markets of Diaper Pail and it can be reusable for another baby at home. Some pail liners are disposable and some can be washed along with the diapers.

Wet Bags: The wet bags are alternative to diaper pails are used while away from home or visits to anywhere. The dirty diaper carriers (wet bag) are available in multiple designs and sizes (small or medium wet bags). The waterproof bags can be hung on with doorknob or hook. Some wet bags are available with zipper closures with machine washable and some are with handles to make easy carrying.

Diaper Sprayer:

A diaper sprayer is considered as an extra expense to some people and someone fell the essential item for easy work. It can remove poop from cloth diaper as expert hands and may help to keep free your hands from poop cleaning. Diaper sprayer hooks up to the toilet’s water supply and allows to direct spray on poop into the toilet and flush it away. It also can be used to clean out potty chairs.

These are for your easy access –

Final Verdict:

Below are some important points you should keep in mind to go down the cloth diapering path-

  • Washing the diapers not only removes dust and leftover chemicals from the manufacturing process but also shrinks the diaper to their appropriate size.
  • Clean the child thoroughly with wipes to keep the sanitize of baby health.
  • Changing your baby promptly is the key to preventing diaper rash, though it has less chance by using a cloth diaper.
  • Use a new wipe each time and diaper changing time is a great opportunity to make bonding with kids. Talk and sing to your little one, make eye contact, and use your soothing touch. Before buying diapers hope the above guides and cloth diapers reviews will be helpful.