Learn How to Make Slime with Detergent

The easy DIY process to construct slime with laundry detergent and the totally nontoxic recipe for kids, that means without Boric Acid, make slime with laundry detergent recipe.

Note: Boric Acid is an activator for making slime.

At present play with slime (It is icky, sticky, and gross) among kids is very familiar and trending, also becoming increasingly accepted with adults. By contributing slime making for kids, Parents also pass a good time with it as those provide a kind of sensory play, help to enhance creativity, and engage children for attention.


Skills Required: None. 

All age groups from toddlers to adults will be able to make it, but the first time may not hundred percent okay. Don’t’ be worried about it, it is really a very simple recipe. We need just a few ingredients.

You may recall why we didn’t enjoy with it like at present though all ingredients are in-home or close our hand. That was a simpler period, we did not come from such environments or our family scolded us to play with Tupperware containers or other outdoor play, right?

Cannot wait for the recipe :

How to make slime with detergent?

Ingredients Need to Make Slime:

There only need three Ingredients:

1. Laundry detergent

2. Water,

3.Glue (any kind of glue without super glue)

However, you can decorate or make an engaging look with many funny components. When I make Slime for my two children they are excited to add extras that return them more fun. I would like to explain the items in detail quickly; you can toss and see the final result.

What Laundry Detergent is Best for Slime?

It’s a DIY project. So, To make slime using laundry detergents you should try different types to get the best consistency. Sometimes may laundry detergent is okay but for any kind of glue (without superglue), it may not give you the perfect result. However, I tried with Tide and get a fantastic result. You can try using Tide, or Gain or Cheer.

Laundry Detergent Slime Recipe:

Tools and Materials:



3.Laundry detergent ( Activator)


4. Mixing bowl, Measuring cup,Fork, airtight container etc

Instructions: How to Make Slime with Detergent

1. Mix together equal amount of glue (without super glue) and water in a bowl. I used 1 cup of each as I will store and use next time.

2. Continuously stir the mixture with a fork until combined.

3. At the time mix some food color or glitter if you desired. Again mix thoroughly.

4. Now, add 1/2 cup of liquid laundry detergent. Begin mixing with a fork. And continue the mixing process until they get sticky and be a consistent look.

5. When slime forms, start kneading with hands and add any addins at this time.

6. Finally, store the slime in an airtight container when not being used. (because in open air slime will loos it’s behavior easily )

how to make slime with detergent

Tip 1: Here I mentioned 1-2 cup of laundry detergent as Activator. You should add them a little and stair, combine it, and again add a little. Repeat it until you complete the full process.

Tip 2: Use a bowl that only dedicated to crafting, though the ingredients are non-toxic and safe for food. And also using a designated bowl can reflect kid’s happy feelings.

What Add ins Can You Put in Slime Recipe?

Normally I use food color and sometime add glitter. But here are more options to use that  make funnier environment:

1. Food Coloring: For the base color you can use food color in the Slime

2. Action Figures: On a special occasion like for Halloween slime! You can use it.

3. Beads: Different types of plastic pony beads really create more fun

4. Buttons: When the slime is colorless the different colors and shapes of a small button make another look of slime.

5. 3D Polymer Slices: The fun creator are small polymer pieces and especially fruits are really adorable.

6. Essential Oils: It makes you really a good feeling for slime. the fragrance is really good.

7. Fake Snow: It’s the great items when makes slime on Christmas occasion.

8. Foam Beads: It is almost available near your house shop and colorful foam bead are really amazing pieces.

9. Glitter: For a very cool effect, this is the best tenants of Slime. You can only use it rather than others.

10. Polymer Clay: You can also use Polymer Clay for the slime recipe as it makes Slime softer.

11. Pigment Powder: Another way to add a base color is Pigment powder, they are Non-toxic elements for your kids.

12. Pom Poms: A lot of color and consistency can get from the little balls.

Have you enjoyed kids’ crafts and ready to prepare yourself  now? Let’s try and have many many fun with the little ones.