Baby Care Tips for New Moms – Newborn Care


Who knows a little human could make you feel so much, love! After giving baby birth start a new challenge to newborn care. At an early age from 0 – 3 months of baby, it is not very easy to handle only by mom. They are very sensitive in the new world like feeding, bathing, soothing and so one. It has been seen that new parents are more anxious about to take care of recent reached baby.

Here are some tips to newborn care which may provide a quick relief to you as well also be happy the baby:

My baby is on breastfeed:

newborn care

If you are on breastfeeding situation keep your baby’s head (45-degree angle ) upper than the stomach and notice if her nose does not touch with breast, otherwise it can restrain in the baby’s breathing system. During newborn feeding, most breastfeeding sessions take 20 to 45 minutes.

Note: you are recommended to read our best 9 breast feeding chairs review that help to reduce struggle against feeding time. However, newborn babies are often sleepy, this length of time may require patience and persistence.



My baby is feeling gassy:gassy-baby

This is a common problem of the newborn baby, Don’t be disappointed. Gas pains are due in part to an immature digestive system. Your gassy baby can escape by taking some steps, like after feeding place her/him on a seat or held her like a hug for a moment until she makes burp.

And If your newborn is on breastfed, another way to avoid baby’s gas is the mother should not consume spicy food, dairy, soy, and peanut products including other foods which are the cause of baby’s discomfort. Because through the milk it passes to the baby’s stomach.


My Baby is on Crying and too Hard to sooth:

It is so touchy to surrounding member particularly to mom if baby cry. To soothe a crying baby you can take her like a hug and cradle her, thus it can possible to stop cry.

As when she was in mother’s womb she could hear the mother’s heartbeat and when you take her close she can hear the usual sound from you, thus she feels safe and turns quiet. And other ways are:

1. Walking

2. Cradling baby

3. Let hear a white sound

4. Go to another room with her, because the different decorative views can make comfort to the baby and consequently stay relaxed.

5. And feed her. It can’t be said that most of the time baby cries for hungry.

On the other hand if baby cry continuously and it is too hard to soothe your crying baby there could be another reason for crying, then do not late to consult with a physician.

I am Hesitating to Bath Baby:

To the new parents, it is natural to feel the panic in the bathing newborn because they are very sensitive.

Water can get in the infant’s ear, to avoid you can take a shower hat from here. shower-cap-hat

Taking much time may cause cold etc. But after 10-15 days you will be used to bathing your loving baby.


To avoid cry newborn babies take a very short time to bath. And to make easy bathing just take everything together like baby soap, twill, her dress, bathtub with water and other essentials.babybathing_momsandbabyzone;


In addition, it has shown babies love warm water, so take the water of a little warm, it could be a warm (33 degree) than natural temperature. Thus the bath will complete in easy ways.




Some Steps Could Help to Keep Baby Safe:

Keep baby in a hygiene environment. Change her dirty diapers as early otherwise she fell discomfort and also be sick.
1. If baby sleeping for long time feed here within 2-3 hours later.babybathing_momsandbabyzone-2

2. To awake baby from sleep do not shake her, you can talk with her or touch her face slowly to awake. Shaking could make an unwanted situation for the infant.

3. Change infant sleep patterns after few times thus can pass air to the body.

4. Talk with your kid and maintain eye to eye communication thus will develop her attention and will be happy and keep healthy.

Baby Quotes, “When you become a mother, you stop being the picture and start being the frame.” Your baby has been moving with you for the last nine months. Newborns love to look at faces, and yours is her favorite.