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5 Affordable and Best Changing Table for Easy Mom Life

After recent delivery, a new mother has a lot of responsibility to take care of the newborn, especially when it comes to changing a dirty diaper or wearing a fresh one, or dressing up many accessories need at that time. When a nursery room decorates with a safe moreover durable changing table a lot of labor compact and parent’s life be smooth. In this article, you will be aware of the many highlights of the best changing table for baby and some tips about this item.

Overview of 5 Best Changing Table :

Modern Baby Changing TableChanging table32 pounds
Dream On Me Marcus Changing TableChanging table dresser71 pounds
Delta Children 3 Drawer DresserChanging table dresser50 pounds
Delta Children Infant Changing TableChanging table22.5 pounds
Badger Basket Changing TableCorner changing table33.5 pounds

5 Best Diaper Changing Table Reviews:

1. Cheap Baby Change Table :Modern Baby Changing Table

Modern Baby Changing Table with Laundry Hamper

The modern design baby changing table is a stylish item and the perfect place for a diaper change and dressing. It comes with 3 removal containers and 1 hamper where The containers allow parents to keep baby’s necessary items like socks, thermometer, toys, lotion, oils or fresh diapers. 

The large hamper of the changing table for storage blanket, toys, or bulk packs of diapers. Also, the handle slots of the hamper help for an easy pullout from the self and go for the laundry room by carrying it.

Moreover, the paints and polishes are toxic-free and 34.25 x 20.75 x 34.50 inches item features with all around the four sides safety rails to ensure baby’s protection. Also, the included foam changing pad has a safety belt, so that the baby keeps on safe and secured during change the dirty diaper. Thus the item place in a kind of best changing table in the nursery room.



1. Has safety rail all around the table

2. Removal hamper create a convenient place for the diaper pail 

3. 3 storage baskets are the best offer of the changing table

4. Featured with metal support bar for additional stability

5. Future piece of furniture to decorate toys


 The manufacturer does not allow more than 30 pounds of baby. Though, till then baby become familiar with potty training.

2. Best Dresser to Use as Changing Table : Dream On Me Marcus Changing Table and Dresser

Dream On Me Marcus Changing Table and Dresser

If you are looking for an item that complements any nursery this is the generously designed piece of juvenile furniture. The Dream On Me Marcus Changing Table and Dresser is constructed with a combination of wood and cherry. 

A surrounding safety rail is elegantly designed has included a changing pad, and a restraining strap is the main feature of the changing table. The 36 x 23 x 43 inches furniture has 3 easily accessible and capacious drawers which can be used as the baby’s wardrobe.

Baby’s safety is the top priority and this item meets all CPSC and ASTM standards. If parents want to choose the Dresser to use as a changing table, surely it will be a great decision.


1. Multiple colors option allow to match with nursery

2. Durable and ensure superior security of newbon

3. It comes with 3 broad drawers to save clothes and other changing associates.

4. Surrounding guardrails to protect baby from falling down

5. It can be used as a dresser afterward


The item is heaver.

3. Strong and Sturdy Changing Station:Delta Children Drawer Dresser

Delta Children 3 Drawer Dresser

If you already buy a baby crib probably hear the popularity of the delta children brand. Yes, this dresser also from delta children which is solid wood construction and a very smooth finish.

The vast space of 3 drawers allows storing necessary items like medicine, diapers, wipes, socks, nail clippers, and toys. On the other hand, parent has the option to choose a color from the 37″ width x 33.5″ height x 19″ depth drawer dresser.

Smooth metal glide system keeps the drawer from pull out and remains safe. The dresser is made with lead and other toxin-free materials by following the ASTM safety standard.


1. The surface is smooth finish thus easy to clean.

2. Stylish look

3. Alternative use of baby wardrobe

4. Solid wood construction makes it durable


It does not come with safety rails.

4. Inexpensive Changing Table: Delta Children Infant Changing Table 

 Delta Children Infant Changing Table

The diaper changing table is another simple and great piece of baby furniture from delta children. This solid wood constructed table has more two open-spaced shelves to keep the baby’s handy items.

The included changing pad is waterproof and dirty will not spread under the pad. Also, the changing table measurement of 35″(W) x 39.25″(H) x 19.75″(D) is strong & sturdy enough because of high-quality wood construction.

The enclose safety rail around the top of the table and safety strap with changing pad make it a complete changing station.


1. Easy Assembly

2. Waterproof changing pad

3. It has safety straps and enclosed safety guard rail

4. Meet the ASTM safety standards


Several tall parents think it is a little short in height.

5. Stylish Look: Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table

Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table

If you looking for a fashionable look changing table, this corner changing table will meet both wishes as a changing station and the corner side display furniture. The nice-looking furniture has two middle shelves and six triangle side shelves. It Includes a white changing pad, terrycloth pad cover, and a safety belt.

Al the material used in the table is toxic-free. When brings it home surely, other family members will also appreciate it, as it is a fully-featured diapering and dressing station and access for abundant storage place


1. Offers abundant storage

2. Toxic free paints and finish

3. Easy to assemble

4. Includes a custom angled changing pad

5. It can be converted into a display shelf or bookcase when child outgrown the changing station


It will be only fitted in the corner side of the nursery.

Types of Changing Tables:

If you have listed a changing table for the nursery you should also have a clear idea about the types of the diaper changing table, so that you can optimize budget, choose a perfect one or know about perfect usability. Most of the baby changing table falls into one of three categories:

1. Basic changing tables with multiple storage options

2. Space-saving changing tables that are attached with the right of the crib

3. Convertible changing tables that set on top of a dresser

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What to Look For in a Changing Table:

From those three types, which changing table should pick for your baby? All of the table’s main duties to make the diaper changing system easy and lessen the stink. And give you some relaxation from doing many tasks as all associates of diapering systems are inside the changing table. So, look for the below points to avoid an unfit changing table selection.

Height: Changing tables vary in height as low as 36 inches or high as 43 inches. There is not any standard size of a changing table. Just look for the height with the proportion of the mom or the person like the caregiver’s height, who does the diaper duty and make the job easier.

 Durability: If you want to make the changing table for a long time use as planning for multiple babies in the future, you should look for a model that is durable and also versatile.

Budget:  All types of changing tables will allow you an easy diaper changing process. But, if you want to use it in the future for toddler/ the growing baby’s dresser the budget will be high. On the other hand, a basic changing table will be budget-friendly and suitable for your only baby.

Cleaning:  During purchase a changing table; look for the material that can be easily clean as it looks pretty and white as the first time.

Style and Size:  Before piling a changing table to amazon cart also look for the size as if it will be fit for your nursery or you need a space saver changing table. When everything ok you can also give a priority with the color of the nursery.

Safety:  Most changing tables come with the anchors and tethers to brace it in place. So, look for the feature and be sure about its safety element.

Constructions: Some changing table comes with solid wood construction with a beautiful non-toxic finish and some are with particleboard. A particle board finished changing table look shiny at first and a few days following laminate or veneer may peel away and it may unusual look changing table at the baby room.

Do I Need a Changing Table?

The answer to the question may be yes or no, it depends on many factors as if it is a necessary item or you will satisfy the needs using only changing pad by placing it on a high space or a table.

On the other hand, sometimes some parents keep two changing tables when they don’t want to go nursery each time from the lower stairs. So, Consider your situation to pick the best option. And if you decide to purchase a changing table the drawers or shelves attached table will allow you to use in future for toddler’s diaper or other necessary kit’s storage.

Tips for Organizing a Changing Table:

When Do Babies Outgrow Changing Table?

As a changing table or changing pad helps you a lot for the diapering system and simplifies your work, you will be free from the help of it as the child goes long 30-32 inches or it may the first year of baby when she’s become potty trained.

4 Safety Tips While Using the Changing Table:

  • Always use a safety belt during changing
  • Don’t keep baby alone though you think she is safe enough with toys
  • Stop using changing tables when the baby reaches the recommended weight limit by the manufactures.
  • Keep all necessary items in the dresser or changing table to utilize the usage of the changing table and make the job quickly

After gathering some experience you may interest to know about some best baby changing table review.

The Bottom Line:

A changing table can make the mom’s life a bit easier which they really deserve. You will not have to go bathroom each time for changing diaper or not have to use the floor directly with gathering other associates of diaper changing system. So, think about a perfect changing table and imagine, put the baby on the table, take out a fresh diaper, put it on the baby, throw the dirty to the diaper pail and finish the task!