Toddler Girl Hairstyles

15 Cute Toddler Girl Hairstyles That Are Quick Easy and Adorable

Every mom has a dream of having a girl dress up nicely, let her beautify, and also dream of styling the toddler girl’s hair as it is short or long. If you are one of the lucky moms and do not want to miss a group of trendy and eye-catchy toddler girl hairstyles, this article is only for you.

Moms have to spend a busy time in many household works. Among the busyness, they also want to fit their toddler girl with a pretty dress plus a cute hairstyle. 

Tips For Caring Toddler Girls Long Hair :

When you look at a little girl with long hair, that pretty looks definitely. But for the mom, it is a little tricky to maintain the long hair of her daughter. So, follow the 5 tips that really work for maintaining a toddler girl’s long hair.

Use A Specific Conditioner

Baby shampoo is perfect for the little one’s hair. But for hair of thick and long use a particular conditioner to minimize tangle and give a soft feeling during brushing time. This conditioner from amazon is so popular with mom. You can go through the link to see the details


This part is also important like others. Toddlers are always in rush, and not mature to care for themself. So brush the long hair after bath or during the wet condition. In this situation, it will not be painful and fewer chances of hair breakage.

a. Firstly start combing through the end of the hair and go to the upper step by step. 

b. Use a wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush (best for thick hair).

c. On the other hand, it is also found that a detangler brush’s flexible bristles are good for all kinds of hairs as it is thickest or curliest. So you have an option to pick this type of brush according to the girl’s hair type.

Use Detangles Spray

You can use a best detangling spray on the toddler’s dry hair as it is not only for wet hair. Just leave it for 1 minute and easily comb through the hair. You have an option to try this leave-in conditioner after bathing for tangle resistance.

Make A Specific Toddler Girl Hairstyle For Healthy Hair

You will be happy to know that some kind of hairstyle like half-up, fashionable braids, and twisted braids ponytail is not only toddler girls hairstyle but also return their healthy hair. These types of styles are suitable in school, on any occasion, or in a place you want to go with your little girl

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15 Cute Little Girl Hairstyles Idea :

Below are the 15 toddler girl hairstyles that are acceptable to many moms and also popular this year.

1. Multi Segmented Pigtails

When your girl is growing up with medium to long hair, then the time is yours. Just follow the way by using simple colored elastics and two cute hair bows. Here are some popular hair bows with pink and other colors. you can choose from here.

2. High Pig Tail With Messy Buns 

This is one of the easiest hairstyles for toddler girls. You already noticed a little girl looks so adorable with any kind of pigtail. Also when you combine a messy bun with the remaining hair it just looks gorgeous. Hair bows are from here.

3. 4 French Braids With Messy Buns 

Image from: simplyhairideas

Definitely, you will need some additional time to make this hairstyle. But finally, you will be more satisfied looking at your daughter. And a pair of matching colored hair bows on 4 French braids messy buns will enhance its beauty.

4. Double Bubble Braid Hairstyle 

Image from: Hairstyles by LittleGirlHair

This is one of the most popular hairstyles for little girls. In the double bubble braid hairstyle, you can add bright collared elastics. Thus your toddler will look shiny, she feels special, and will be happy in any place like school or an outdoor playground.

5. Middle Part Segmented Pigtail Buns

Middle part Segmented Pigtail Buns hairstyle can provide a very cool feeling to toddler girls’ long hair in summer. There is a full segment through the middle part and many small portion sections in this hairstyle. Finally, make a pigtail bun with the remaining long hair. Just feel how cool it is!

6. Double Top Buns

This style is still a strong trend and we also recommend trying it, because of its easy steps, less time-consuming, and pretty look on her head.

Simply make two pigtails on top of the head. Wrap all hairs with two wide elastics and make a bun. Finally, hide the extra hair into the base of the hair. And lastly, you can beautify it with two cute hair bows. 

7. French braided Half up Half down

Image from – hair4littlegirls 

When you plan to arrange your daughter’s hair for any occasion this French braided half up half down style surely makes a beautiful look. You need to learn how to make this type of braid and apply the likable style.

8. Section Segmented Pony

This style makes pretty look in smaller hair of a toddler girl. Just create 3 sections, tie the front part, and then add the lower part of hair with the base of the second section. 

Do the same with the third one and finally complete the style by making a ponytail with the remaining 2nd section hair.

9. Cute Toddler Girl Hairstyles With Middle Part Segmented Braid

Cute Toddler Girl Hairstyles Wih Middle Part Segmented Braid

When you offer this type of hairstyle, you can find that most toddler girls will love to see this on their heads. And, also many moms love to make this braid to make on another style. So, just learn how it does and apply it to your daughter’s hair.

10. 3 Sectioned Topsy Turvy High Half Up Pony

For making this hairstyle you need a topsy tail tool. It is not a waste of money but you can also create multiple hairstyles for next time on your or your daughter’s hair. In this video, you will get an easy topsy turvy twist tutorial.

11. Top Sectioned French Braid Pig Tail Buns

This little girl’s hairstyle looks secure enough for all day and maybe perfect for the next day also. Finish the top sectioned French braid with a pigtail messy bun and give a pretty look with her favorite hair bows.

12. Bottom Messy Bun With Side Twist

This is just a wow and one of the easy toddler hairstyles. Take the front side hairs, makes it the French twist, and wraps it nicely. Finally, gather the rest of the hair with the bottom hairs and ensure a messy bun.

13. Side Braid Ponytail

Image from: Easy Toddler Hairstyles 

You can enhance the old-fashioned simple side ponytail. We can ensure that your little girl will love this hairstyle. 

Just also combine a braid look on your daughter’s hair. Make a side braid by starting from the forehead. And finalize a low-side ponytail with an elastic (you can also attach a beautiful hair bow). This hairstyle can be perfect in any place. Just easy and try it now!

14. Topsy Turvy

Have you ever tried this pretty style on your girl’s hair! Firstly, make a ponytail. Then create a hole on the elastic and insert the pony and simply pull it through the hole! And it’s done! Is it not an easy process! See if your toddler girl will also love it.

15. 3 Part Side Ponies

This is a cute and simple hairstyle for little girls. While you think for an average pony style this super-easy side sectioned pony will return your girls a pretty look. In this way, you can match up with the outfits of the little one.

16. Cute Half Up Hairstyle

Image from: Easy Toddler Hairstyles

This is one of the so adorable toddler girl hairstyles. Most of the moms love to make this style on their daughter’s hair. You can also try it. This may help you to complete the style.