Do I Need a Baby Monitor – Essential and Best Guide

Many parents are confused that if the baby monitor is a necessary item for them. And some of the parents say a baby monitor is a must have item for baby care. Probably your parents perfectly managed those times without monitor. In modern days everything is updating and life becomes easier to maintain. A baby monitor allows you to keep an eye on your baby from a distance and give peace of mind. Read out the below the 5 points and you will get the answer to the question “as do I need a baby monitor”.

When to start using a baby monitor:

If your baby is always close to you probably will not miss her any other discomfort, crying, and movements. Also, when baby crib beside your bedside you can follow every movement and whimper of the baby. But,

  • The baby monitor is a helpful technology for the parent when baby shifted to their crib at nursery. Also when your house is big and you are quite distanced from baby as they sleep, the baby monitor will be the helping hand for you.
  • If you are a busy mom, have to handle every household work only by you, the importance of having a baby monitor cannot say in a word for caring little one. In the situation, you can’t stay all-time to monitor your bundle of joy (baby). So, it’s simple, you are working in the kitchen and monitor her activities.
  • A baby monitor allows you don’t disturb her sleeping time or see her discomfort by going physically to the room. Thus it helps you to monitor from far away. If you want to monitor your toddler or preschooler’s activities from another room while you are busy with your work, you should consider this item for proper time management.
  •  About 50% to 80% of all mothers experience postpartum depression after childbirth. That time to be refreshed, you can go out with dog for a few minutes. The baby monitor will show you if the baby crying. And you will be ensured by knowing whether it is a hungry cry or your baby is distressed or they are simply groaning in their sleep.
  • Some baby monitors like the VM343 come with a video option (you can visibly check whether they’re groaning a little or a lot). And it can read the current temperature, so you can decide if your child needs an extra blanket or some fleece pajamas! Also, some monitors include sensor pads to go under the baby’s mattress that shows you if the baby hasn’t moved in a certain period of time.

Which baby monitor is best?

There are many options of a baby monitor you will get like video monitors, audio monitors, multiple camera Options, Night vision monitors, Long distance and breathing effort monitors. Honestly, I am a big fan of Motorola MBP36S as it is a video monitor, has wireless options, and many other benefits. You can see the review of this baby monitor here.

How to Properly Place a Baby Monitor and Where To Put Baby Monitor:

When you plan to place the baby monitor in your nursery you must think about the safety of the baby and clear viewing angle.

Safety: You should not place the monitor inside the crib or very close to the baby bed. As for the wireless monitor it is recommended to keep 3.2 foot / 1 meter away from baby’s crib for limit exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

On the other hand when your baby monitor comes with power cable you need to be careful to prevent the curious little hands.

Clear Viewing Angle and Sound: If you cannot get the alert like a sound or proper view of the baby, the monitor will be really the useless item. So, you have to place on the right side with the correct configuration: 

  • You need to be sure that if the microphone on the baby unit able to pick up sounds clearly from your child.
  • Check the power cord if it is out of reach from baby at all times to avoid the risks of strangulation and smooth connectivity.
  • Wall mounted a corner near the ceiling is the best place to put a baby monitor as it allows the camera a wide coverage and also far away to reach from the baby. 
  • You can also place the monitor on the changing table as it is usually close to the baby crib. In this case, you should ensure the baby’s safety.

How to Hide Baby Monitor Cord

While mounting baby monitor parents should place the monitor in a safe distance as well also monitor’s cord. Your little baby can pull out the cord and befall in trouble. Newborns are ok but children are more active as the more dangerous for them. To hides the monitor cord you may use a wire mold or cover. 

This video will help you to get a clear idea:

Conclusion: Whether you use or not a baby monitor you have to remember they are not your baby’s lifesaver and can’t prevent or solve any sleeping issues of the baby. It is just an indicator and you will have to respond or take action according to the types of alarm. It is the tool that helps you to monitor the baby from distance without disturb them or going directly in their room.