Baby Crib Mattress Buying Guide-How to Buy a Crib Mattress

The baby often needs to sleep 16 hours a day. To maximize the sleeping time here are some tips you need to know about baby crib mattress buying guide.

How to buy a crib mattress?

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When your baby crib is ready you may think as to what crib mattress should I buy? It depends on many things which are perfect for you. But your baby’s comfort and safety is the higher priority. So follow the below points for pulling the perfect baby bed crib mattress.

Firmness: Firmness of mattress helps to prevent the risk of suffocation. Consumer reports suggest pressing on center to edges of the mattress. It should snap back readily and should not conform to the shape of your hand. So press on the mattress to fell a bit firmer than you’d think is comfortable. Babies are still growing; their spines and bones need more support. So, the firmness mattress could be the best choice for them.

New vs Used: New crib mattress is always recommended as in used mattress may contain diaper leakage and spilled milk where mold, mildew, bacteria, and other allergens can grow easily. In a new mattress always use the waterproof cover elements. So, when you buy a new crib mattress make sure your baby’s mattress has some type of waterproof linings like a fabric cover or a laminate cover.

Baby crib mattress size: Crib mattress should fit snugly against the crib walls. The space between frame and mattress may cause of baby’s suffocation. The mattresses which are fitted snugly passed the standard of the federal government. USA standard baby cribs are between 27 3/8 – 28 5/8 inches wide (inside dimension) to 51 ¾ -53 inches long where the mattresses should be between 51.625 inches long and 27.25 inches wide. Also, the thickness is not more than 6 inches.

Types of mattresses: 

Both kinds of mattresses (foam and innerspring) are safe, they also have some major differences:  

Foam mattress is typically less expensive than an innerspring mattress. The parent should buy foam mattresses which are firmed, heavier side, and resilient when press hand on them. The soft surface can conform to a baby’s shape and create a risk of suffocation. 

On the other hand, the Innerspring mattress is costly as well as firmer and more durable. The price range of Innerspring from $24 to $325 . The popular brand in crib mattresses are FisherPrice, Graco, babyletto, etc. Many brands come with crib mattresses that may not be certified or tested. So, be sure about the brand which may never have heard.

Weight: The mattresses weight should be able to pick up the fairly easily. Foam mattresses are 7-8 pounds and Innerspring mattresses with coils 15 to 30 pounds weight.

Waterproof cover: Consider for a breathable waterproof mattress cover which allows you to take off and wash easily. The extra layer can protect the mattress from bacteria and other allergens. Also, look for as if it can fit snugly to mattress 

Convertibility: Some mattress in the market comes with dual-sided feature. They are expensive than the others where one side is firmed for newborns and the other softer side for the toddlers. They are durable and long-lasting. Just make sure to place the right side when changing the crib sheets. 

Airflow Pockets: If a mattress is completely waterproof, it won’t “breathe” through the surface. If this is a concern you can get a mattress with ventilation pockets.

A high-quality mattress is the last longer until your baby perfects from crib to the toddler bed. I hope this baby crib mattress buying guide help you to find the perfect crib mattress for your baby’s best support and comfort.

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