Breastfeeding Station

How to Organize a Perfect and Comfiest Breastfeeding Station?

A new mom has to go through breastfeeding or pumping during the day to night times with the baby. So the nursing station should be comfortable and well decorated with necessary items. Make your breastfeeding journey enjoyable, memorable, and easy as possible. Arrange a proper breastfeeding station; just keep everything within your arm’s reach.

You will need the following accessories to set up a comfiest and perfect breastfeeding station:

Breastfeeding Station Essentials:

Select a Comfortable Breastfeeding Chair: 

To set up the baby feeding station a comfortable seat is most important for Mom (or anyone else handles feedings). A mom has to spend a lot of time breastfeeding or pumping. In that case, you have to ensure a comfortable chair, rocker, or glider in the room.

We recommend you research the best breastfeeding chair beforehand. In this article, you will get a proper guide and review of top-quality nursing chairs for the new mom. 

Nursing Pads:

Leaking another breast while feeding is a usual situation. Many mamas use some disposable or reusable breast pads nearby hand to keep the milk from wet freely and staining tops.

The breast pad from Kindred Bravely has a great shape and is super absorbent. They make amazing nursing bras too; just read out the kindred bravely pumping review here.

If you shop there, use this link and enjoy a 10% discount for first-time purchases.

A Breathable Nursing Pillow:

 It is one of the most important accessories of a nursing station. It helps to moderate pain in your arm, shoulders, and back with supporting feeding time. Also, it helps to ensure a comfortable nursing position. See the collections of nursing pillows at Amazon.

Nipple Care: 

A sore nipple is a common problem of a breastfeeding mom. And it occupies the smooth breastfeeding process. To deal with the problem you can keep soothing ointment like Purelan nipple cream nearby. Also, hydrogel pads could be a great option for soothing sore nipples. If this issue stays for a long time don’t delay visiting the lactation consultant.

Extra Diaper and Wipes: 

Making a frequent dirty diaper is a baby’s usual behavior. On the other hand, feeding can invigorate their digestive system. During midnight feeding season you need to change with extra diapers and wipes. Readout our cloth diapers review and buying guide here.


A new mom should never be hungry. It is found that a breastfeeding mom can burn 500 calories each day! Mom supplies the best food for her newborn baby. 

Keep your favorite healthy snack at your nursing station. You can consider snacks with Trail mix, protein bars, salted popcorn, fresh fruit like bananas, apples, or pears when you need to refuel and eat with one hand.

Also, you can include the most suitable protein powder that boosts your milk supply and lose weight after postpartum. Read out the Milk Dust protein review.

Breastfeeding Tracker Log Book Or mobile Device:

You can use a breastfeeding tracker logbook to keep track of feeding or sleep, changes, and more. And another option is to have your phone with you to track breastfeeding sessions using Medela Family app . You can log pumping time and track the last breastfeeding season. 


 If you choose to use a pacifier they are a lifesaver for your baby. Just keep some clean ones with other accessories of breastfeeding supplies. It will help you to easily access it whenever the little one needs it.

A Water Bottle: 

Everybody should hydrate with water, especially a breastfeeding mom should never negate it. Also, some mama feels thirstier during feeding time. Having a bottle of water near the arm make mom’s comfortable environment. Also, choose the bottle which is easy to hold with one hand.

Night Light:

 Due to mid-night feeding or a dark environment in the room, a soft nightlight or lamp is a mandatory item to decorate a perfect breastfeeding station. Also, the mom needs to awake, do something without disturbing baby’s sleep.

Burp Cloth:

 Don’t forget to have some burp cloths at the nursing station. Burp cloths are a must to handle Mama’s dripping breasts and sometimes baby’s spit-ups of the nursing session.


A Basket, bin, or caddy with a handle will fit to keep your little nursing accessories easily. To easily reach everything during a nursing session you can pick this type of caddy with a handle.   Also, it will allow you to take from room to room in your house by creating a portable nursing station.

Utility Cart on Wheels :

On the other hand, if you want to store most of the nursing items in one place you can choose a utility cart on wheels for the nursing station. They have 3 (4, or 5) wire shelves that will fit most of your essentials. You can keep a breast pump machine, hands-free nursing bra, breast shells, breastmilk storage bags, and coconut oil on one shelf. And others are for storage of remaining breastfeeding essentials.


Spending time with a baby is a magical stage. When passed time you miss those moments. So makes the nursing session just enjoyable. Consider nice-to-have items for the feeding station like books, magazines, or electronic readers.

Keep the electronics devices charger in arms reach so that you can recharge them before totally run out. Also, use earphones and refresh yourself without disturbing your little baby.

A Trash Can :

Small trash can definitely make your breastfeeding time beautiful. You can dispose of the used breast pad or wipes, dirty diapers, or fruit peel into it.

How to Organize Breastfeeding Supplies

In this video, you can get an idea easily and will be benefited.

It’s a beautiful bonding time with the baby. Organize your breastfeeding station and enjoy it…!!!