Pregnancy Guide from Real Experience

Dream! yes, it is the vision of each woman to be a mom after marry. A baby is a great gift from the almighty. And when your dream comes to be true that means when you conceive and become pregnant it is really a piece of great news for you and your family. Wish you a happy pregnancy.

But do you know what happens during 1st three months of the pregnancy cycle? If you think some pregnancy guide should you know then today I will share some experience during my first-trimester pregnancy.

Pregnancy Guide from Real Experience

What Happens During the First Trimester Pregnancy?

After confirmation of a positive report of pregnancy, you will notice some physical and mental changes which are following-

  • Too much acidity is a major change in your health. After having some foods it rise very rapidly.
  • The smells of cosmetics products like soap, perfume, or cream make you so painful feelings and those can be the cause of your vomiting.
  • Too much weakness is another symptom in the first trimester pregnancy period.
  • You may also feel dozy.
  • You will notice that the foods contain protein like meat, fish, egg or milk will avoid at that time.
  • More sweating is another change in your health.

pregnancy guide

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What Should Follow During Pregnancy Cycle at Home-

  • At first, you will go to a doctor for suggestions and follow her/his instructions at home.
  • Should drink more water as possible.
  • Use those types of shoes which will not sleep in the bathroom or floor and always try to feel positive.
  • Eat more vegetables.
  • At this time many thinking comes in mind which can affect you and your baby’s health and mind. So you have to be positive always.

What Should Avoid During Pregnancy?

This 1st 3months is called the most dangerous period of pregnancy time. Because at that time there is the most risk for discourage. So you have to take care of yourself and some food and activities should avoid for your safety. Those are –

  • Green papaya
  • Pineapple
  • And it is highly recommended to avoid physical relations during the first 3 months of pregnancy time.

That’s above are my first 3 months of the pregnancy experience. I feel happy to share with you and hope you will pass good times in 1st 3 months as well as the total time of your pregnancy period.

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