11 Best Baby Shower Gifts Idea That Make You Happy For Right Choice

A new mom needs all the help she can get from family members, colleagues and friends. These groups have gone through motherhood or are looking forward to it. Baby showers provide the perfect opportunity for these people to show support. They also give parenting tips to the new mom. They present her with Baby shower gifts useful and valuable to her and the baby. The idea is to give a memorable gift that can aid in the newborn’s development.

There are various shower gifts in the market. The list below highlights the most thoughtful shower gifts ideas. These gifts can help the newborn in physical, emotional, mental and intellectual development. The mother too will feel pampered with some of these gifts. If you have a baby shower to attend, these gift ideas will help you make the right decision. The idea is to pick the most memorable gift of them all. Newborn babies can be a handful and need the mother’s undivided attention. Getting a new mom the perfect gift will ease her shopping worries. Besides, help her save the time she needs to spend with the little one. An environment free of chaos will also be ideal for both mother and baby.

1. Complete Nursery Care Kit        

Baby shower gifts

If you are searching for useful baby shower gifts, then the Nursery care kit is it. The kit comes with nail clippers and emery boards. Forehead and digital thermometers for reading baby’s temperatures. Other items include a medicine syringe, nasal aspirator and medicine dispenser. A teether, comb, hairbrush and doctor’s emergency card are also in this valuable kit. Read Parent Reviews >>

2. Backseat Car Organizer

Being a mommy most of the time means a messy back seat. This backseat car organizer helps the new mom keep the backseat organized. Get one with as many compartments as possible. Ensure that you also get a backseat organizer made from durable and easy to clean material. This way, even a kindergarten child will make good use of it. Read Parent Reviews >>

3. Cloth Diaper Toilet Sprayer

Cleaning cloth diapers can be a messy and disgusting affair for a new mom. It would help if you can get the new mom a diaper sprayer to make cleaning diapers easier. This kit can be in use even in preschool years. Get easy to install brand with the right pressure to ensure all poop comes off the diaper.Read Parent Reviews >>

4. Toddler Anti Slip Skid Socks

On approaching 12 months, babies begin to walk. To prevent skids on floors, the Anti slip-skid socks are an excellent gift choice. These are also interesting Baby shower gifts because they have cartoons on them. The baby will enjoy looking at his or her little feet. A set of five comes handy when the baby is 12 to 24 months. Read Parent Reviews >>

5. Aveeno Baby Daily Bath Time Solutions Gift Set

There is no perfect gift for a newborn and mother than this set. This is the best of the essential baby shower gifts. Both the mother and baby enjoy pampering by this set. The baby gets to enjoy a bath with the wash and shampoo, and later, moisturizing from the lotion. The mother gets relief from the body wash. Read Parent Reviews >>

6. Baby Aspen ‘Let the fin Begin’ Blue Shark Robe

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a boy child, then this robe is it. Yet, if you want to go for baby shower gifts for girls, then go for the pink robe. A robe like this makes bath time fun and not dreadful. Imagine how cute and stylish the little newborn will look in this robe. Read Parent Reviews >>

7. Unisex Baby Organic Kimono Bodysuit

Sometimes you may not have the slightest idea about the sex of the baby. The best thing is to find unisex baby shower gifts. Both boys and girls wear bodysuits. Find baby bodysuits with soft and comfortable fabric, which is easy to machine wash. Furthermore, surprise the new mom with a variety of colors and sizes. Keep your gift unique. Read Parent Reviews >>

8. Little Artist Baby’s First Year Journal: A Simple Journal of Firsts

The first 12 months of a newborn have great development milestones. This Little Artist Baby’s First Year Journal is fun and colorful. It has 48 pages to document the different milestones of the newborn child. The new mom can save this for later years when the child is older and can read for him or herself. Talk of infant memoirs. Read Parent Reviews >>

9. Blooming Bath Lotus – Baby Bath-Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts

Baby’s head should not shake because the neck muscles are still weak. The conventional baths are cold. They do not also guarantee about baby’s head safety. This plush blooming bath is safe. The cloth that makes this bath keeps the baby warm during bath time. Bathing in a colorful environment for a 0-6 month old is not a bad idea. Read Parent Reviews >>

10. Matimati Bamboo Baby Washcloths (6-pack)

Baby’s skin is delicate and requires gentle washcloths to clean or wipe it. The Spasilk Washcloth Wipes Set is perfect when it comes to this. This pack can go a long way in wiping saliva, milk, and bathing the newborn baby. Give the new mom the authority to delegate which washcloth does what. Read Parent Reviews >>

11. Baby Monthly Stickers Milestone for boys & girls first-year decals

A new mom loves to take photos of her newborn. Your friend could have a great time with these decals documenting baby’s monthly growth. The stickers go on any baby clothing. With the right camera, perfect social media photos for the next 12 months will be achievable. This is a great way to create lifetime recollections with the decals. Read Parent Reviews >>

All the above Baby shower gifts are great. But, the decision lies in your taste and pockets. If you cannot afford any of the above items, you can always find homemade baby shower ideas. Be unique as possible. Or, you can simply bake a cake or cookies. If you do bake a cake, make sure you get the baby topper and colors right. The cake or cookies will make perfect baby shower gifts for guests. The new mom will be grateful to you for feeding her thoughtful guests. As you can see, shower ideas are endless to make a new mom’s life easier.