How to Buy a Baby Crib – A Proper Buying Guide for Baby Crib

From the very beginning of life, getting a good night’s sleep is so important for each human being especially for babies. On the other hand, the quality of rest and playtime also necessary for them. A crib can ensure a good environment for the infant. The best crib for baby will make comfort with nice sleep and enhance the glow of a baby’s nursery. So before buying a baby crib, it is necessary to know about how to buy a baby crib.

Different types of baby cribs:

There are several types of cribs in the market you will get with some features like the convertible, attached changer, sustainable materials, folding, under crib storage, etc. And when you consider many types of cribs stander cribs are the full-sized cribs. Those are less expensive and less heavy. convertible cribs are the most popular cribs because they allow growing with your child and its transferability from cribs to a toddler bed, day bed or full-size bed.

On the other hands, combo cribs or combination crib is a full size or mini crib. It has attached changing table. So it can be said this is the all-in-one crib for small space. Oval cribs are also one of the popular cribs to parents for the unique design. Portable cribs can be found either full size or mini crib. You will be able to fold it and carry it with a car during traveling.

How to buy a baby crib:

The baby will sleep 16 hours a day and cribs is the long-time use item among the baby furniture. You can ask yourself and get the answer about what to look for when buying a baby crib. Here are several ways to cut down expenses on nursery furniture like the crib and get general tips with specific ideas.

1. Consider about price range:

Sometimes you may choose a crib which will be the most comfortable or so pretty look and also expensive. But finally, you were not prepared to spend much budget on the crib for your baby’s nursery. So consider the money as well also the time you spending on choosing crib. You will have to take within the budget.

2. Safety is the most important factor :

Safety should be the first priority or consideration during buying a baby crib. Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA) safety certification of the product will give the assurance of safety. Also, a proper-sized mattress has no more than three centimeters between the crib and mattress for your precious bundle of joy.

3. Look for about all hardware of crib:

A baby crib has many parts, when it’s all necessary parts are fitted with mattress, mattress supports, teething rail, wheel, sides and railings, bottom drawer, single drop gates, etc. it looks complete furniture. When you plan to buy a new baby crib, though it has less chance of missing parts like the screw or other parts, you should double-check each part. Not only does an incorrectly assembled crib pose a safety risk to your baby but it may also void your crib’s warranty.

4. Matching with nursery:

A cool environment of baby nursery also makes the baby happy and healthy. The beauty of baby’s nursery also depends on the crib’s color. So, consider the color combination of a crib and the place where you keep enhancing the beauty of the room.

5. Consider about mattress height:

Some baby cribs have mattresses adjusting height points. When the baby is too little to rising, the placing mattress to top point will help you to put and pull baby easily. This will be very helpful to that mother who is recovering from C-section.teething rail cover

On the other hand when the baby can sit or push on their hand then the lower height will prevent them from falling down. So think about mattress height point if you really want to take that advantage.

And also another tip about baby crib mattress is always buy a new mattress because a used matter may have diaper leakage or water where bacteria can grow easily. And used mattress may not have maintained properly.

6. Consider about teething rail guard:

The time when the baby can push on her foot and finally stand up with crib’s rail they can start chewing on the rail of the crib. Whether you like it or not it is the natural habit of them. And start a new experiment of their new teeth. But when they do it there will be a great chance of diseases. On the other hand advantage of teething rails is it extend the life of crib,

Don’t worry about the harmfulness of teething rail since crib rail covers can also be purchased separately. Or if you wish you can easily make it at home.

How much is a baby crib:

How to buy a baby crib

You may think about why need to know the cost range of a baby crib. It will help you to defer from how much to pay for a used crib and how much for a new crib.

When you are preparing and taking steps to buy a baby crib, knowing the cost range will make you easy and relax. According to Consumer Reports, economy cribs cost $100-$150; mid-priced cribs, $150-$450; and high-end ones, $450+.

Choose the best baby crib for the baby that will allow comfortable sleeping your baby and help to pass every moment with happiness and joy.


It can be said that babies spend most of their first year sleeping. For this reason, parents spend a considerable amount of time to find the perfect crib. Both expensive and cheap baby cribs are available in online and stores. Consider the above points before selecting a baby crib if you are new parents. But there are certainly some commonalities which are worth knowing about and paying for.